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Hyung Jun in Black City


Just one very quick update before I head off to bed ^^!

Okay, dont the maknae of the group looks so man in this? Gosh, I somehow think of it as a movie… but I aint sure, updates seems to said thats its a drama? I dont know Im still waiting for more news of it ><“! but this video is getting me intense… Gah, this is bad, anyways after Hyung Joong successful acting in BOF xD , will baby maknae, Hyung Jun equally success too? I cant wait to see :3

PS : I find this teaser rather …  intense too XD



BEAST – Bad Girl @ Inkigayo

MBLAQ – Oh, Yeah @ Inkigayo

mblaq live performance is definately better then their mvs to admit (;
good point is they dance superb @________@” well yea literally, but their song aint catchy enough to be able for me to keep replaying in my playlist somehow. they need to improve on their songs.

beast songs alike performance improved i gotta say , good point for beast is that the song are catchy and appealing enough. Despite the N times i played it my mp3 , im still not bored of it, and its like so much more better to sing “im heart sick, heal me, be crazy, cant let you go” as compared to MBLAQ “oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah” though i admit beast has “down down we gonna get down” but still beast is more pop and its easier for me to sing their song 😀

Anyways, good job to them both and of cause BEAST fightings 😀 i love them more after all 😀 oh and ya whats your opinions of them? hahas .

SS501 – Intro / Love Like This @ Music Core(Oct 24, 2009)

-fangirl modes- YES YES YES 😀 my babies are back on the stage ! freaking love them oh my god ! okay honestly speaking i love the song “love like this” and therefore im literally to buy their album ^^~~~ but im still checking their price, ever since the MINI COLLECTION of their solo collection == im almost going broke, since im a fan of them rather late 😦 its hard to catch up with all SS501 fans T___T” sighs, but oh wells, I love ya SS501 superstars forever! 😀 oh adding on.. this time round SS501 looks like vampire O_O” and it totally reminds me of Edward Cullen in Twilight, hahahs, hii hiii babies! bite me please, HAHAHS 😀 love ya guys ! 😀

PS : two of my favorite bands, BEAST AND SS501 is all performing at music core on the date of 24th oct , it totally makes my day ! 😀