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Pffft, i needed somewhere to spazz about percy jackson, and so here i am again (:

kinda.. i dont know, havent been updating this blog much too. Anyways, I just went watching percy jackson & the olympians  earlier on. I gotta say its a really good movie, nice storyline for me… but the ending seem a bit abrupt?  not that im saying the movie aint good, but its like at the returning lightning bolt thing looks more like an adventurous trail? i dont know, the acting is good.

Oh, i dont wanna leak out those scenes I have seen, but i definitely wanna share about the last part of the whole three battles that percy and accompaniments   wanna accomplish, which i think it makes sense? people is just addicted to the gambling world just cause something is attracting them there, oh wells, im not making sense here, but mmm… I like the 3rd battle most, though its not that so fascinating , but its more human conscience battle? than computer battle? well, thats again, my choice..

The only thing , that im sad, is prolly wells. the father and son, cant they be together? i mean , why must demi god, born to forsake their family? sighs.

mmm… i will let you find out the rest, since i already rant out all my bla bla review of the show (: & definitely ,  i wanna a follow up of these movie!!! please, same actor also xD his so cutee… with his blue eye, not to say, that the girl is pretty too ^^ oh, and lady gaga song is played inside this movie too 😀

Opsie, i forgot to say these part, and yes its to nishan again!!! hahas, thanks for tolerating me again O_O!” i just cant seem to handle violence scene that well eh?

oh wells, looking forward to a better valentine day ? or chinese new yr day tmr? oh heck, cant be bothered ~