About Me



Name : XueLing
Forum Name/Game Name : nicky456
Age : 15
DOB : 4th Feb 1994
Horoscope : Aquarius
Zodiac : Dog
Hometown : Singapore
Race : Chinese
School Attended : Xingnan Primary School (2001-2006) ,
Crescent Girls School (2007 to 2010)

Favorite Korean Bands : SS501, B2ST(BEAST), Dalmatian
Favorite Korean Singers : Taegoon and Gina

Favorite Chinese Singers : Raymond Lam, Nicholas Zhang, Jay Chou, Lin Jun Jie, Cai Ming You, Danson Tang and Alec Su
Favorite Chinese Bands : The Little Tigers, 5566, Fahrenheit, Lollipop, Mi Lu Bing etc..
Favorite Actors : Raymond Lam, Nicky Wu Qilong, Hu Ge, Alec Su

Japanese Boy Bands (Visual Keis) : The Kiddies, An Cafe

Yes, Im having a boys craze season, and do you think I care as of what you think of me?

Talk to me if you wanna know more about me,
Simple as that

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