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Hyung Jun in Black City


Just one very quick update before I head off to bed ^^!

Okay, dont the maknae of the group looks so man in this? Gosh, I somehow think of it as a movie… but I aint sure, updates seems to said thats its a drama? I dont know Im still waiting for more news of it ><“! but this video is getting me intense… Gah, this is bad, anyways after Hyung Joong successful acting in BOF xD , will baby maknae, Hyung Jun equally success too? I cant wait to see :3

PS : I find this teaser rather …  intense too XD


Half cooked fish



Okays I guessed this video is pretty old already, I dont know why on Earth is Singapore newspaper broadcasting about this -,-. Its like making a molehill out of a mountain ?  Anyways , my dad was asking me about it so I went online and checked about this er .. so called “delicacy” actually this aint the first case already, isnt it? Monkey paws and sort of “delicacy” which I havent even heard before is considered nice to mainlands in china. Hahas.


After watching the video, judged it for yourself . The fish is half cooked, meaning its body is completely cooked and able to eat however the head is still alive and so due to irresistible pain, the fish is like fidgeting its head for help, but of cause, I doubt it will be able to stay alive for long. To me, this method of cooking is just cruel.