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percy jackson


Pffft, i needed somewhere to spazz about percy jackson, and so here i am again (:

kinda.. i dont know, havent been updating this blog much too. Anyways, I just went watching percy jackson & the olympians  earlier on. I gotta say its a really good movie, nice storyline for me… but the ending seem a bit abrupt?  not that im saying the movie aint good, but its like at the returning lightning bolt thing looks more like an adventurous trail? i dont know, the acting is good.

Oh, i dont wanna leak out those scenes I have seen, but i definitely wanna share about the last part of the whole three battles that percy and accompaniments   wanna accomplish, which i think it makes sense? people is just addicted to the gambling world just cause something is attracting them there, oh wells, im not making sense here, but mmm… I like the 3rd battle most, though its not that so fascinating , but its more human conscience battle? than computer battle? well, thats again, my choice..

The only thing , that im sad, is prolly wells. the father and son, cant they be together? i mean , why must demi god, born to forsake their family? sighs.

mmm… i will let you find out the rest, since i already rant out all my bla bla review of the show (: & definitely ,  i wanna a follow up of these movie!!! please, same actor also xD his so cutee… with his blue eye, not to say, that the girl is pretty too ^^ oh, and lady gaga song is played inside this movie too 😀

Opsie, i forgot to say these part, and yes its to nishan again!!! hahas, thanks for tolerating me again O_O!” i just cant seem to handle violence scene that well eh?

oh wells, looking forward to a better valentine day ? or chinese new yr day tmr? oh heck, cant be bothered ~


16th birthday


okays, its been such a long time since i last update, to cut it short, im not gonna elaborate, since im lazy again as usual xD

Okays, so before my birthday strikes on the 4th February, 2010, my most favorite group of korean music industry, beast won the best newcomer award ^^” so happy for them alrights ~!

On the 4th, when i returned back to school, I was thrown with a surprise of my lovelies giving me a birthday presents, which I would consider my most memorable and valuable birthday ever in my life. Again , thanks guys for making my 16th birthday memorable..

okies, and da pictures of da cake and presents my classmate bought for me ^^

Isnt the cake lovelyyyyy?! HAHHAHS, i loveee it ❤ oh and the cake is sweet xD but should I say “too sugary” with a hidden agenda in it? Im having a sugar rush after that, LOLS. okays, i aint making sense right now..

Yes i receive my most expensive birthday present ever and thats the Baby G watch.. I swear I love it~ Its light and I dont know , the advantages of it is like so good, thanks again, friends, and er.. the bear? thats the present my school teacher gave xD Oh my dad gave a watch too for my birthday xD hahas, but wells, i love both watches alrights!

The lovely drawing of Hyunseunggie from beast that Jie`R drew for me, thanks 😀 i really love it. Oh and those notes inside.. Yes, I would buck up for my O-Level and beast is of cause the best xD hahas.

Yes, those lovelies friends names is on da notepad , i kinda find it a little bit “touched” by sarvena  that she actually celebrate my birthday ><” cause its like.. shes suppose to be scared of me? HAHAHS, okays. Im being random again xD

Oh, thanks again to whoever who wished me a birthday wish.. and hahas, i received quite a lot of other small gifts too xD but im too lazy to update about it , once again, thank you!

Yes, I ended with my own pic and own quote..

Im finally 16 but with a 13 years old mindset ~

“Friends are like money in the bank, longer you keep them, the more they are worth.” yes, the quotes is for all my friends here, especially nishan and afiqah xD hahahs.

Sometimes i even wonders how Niveetha and Nishan endures me for 3 years already xD oh I realizes something, the 2 N , if you understand what i meant.. and happy birthday Niveetha in advance !

I do hope Nishan quickly turns 16 t00!! or i cant watch any NC-16 movie .. but again, do we even have the time to watch?! argh, exams are hells S: lets hope a smooth riding 16 for me 😀


Risky Shounen Love



I posted in on B2ST rising forum days ago? and im now posting it on my blog now 😀 so enjoy ~~”

Type : Boys Love , Shounen Ai (hints of love)
Featuring KiKwang (AJ) and SiYoon from High Kick 2 😀

At Aj House –

Outside choosing motorbike for their love date ride –

Si Yoon House –

Hospital –

At the park –

2 days later , at the perf –

CREDITS : All pictures are taken with print screen on B2STALERT account
PS : All the pictures above are not taken episodes from episodes but taken all over the place .. and those words are given by me not those actors/actress.. so no bashing of this .. Enjoy and comment (:


Hyung Jun in Black City


Just one very quick update before I head off to bed ^^!

Okay, dont the maknae of the group looks so man in this? Gosh, I somehow think of it as a movie… but I aint sure, updates seems to said thats its a drama? I dont know Im still waiting for more news of it ><“! but this video is getting me intense… Gah, this is bad, anyways after Hyung Joong successful acting in BOF xD , will baby maknae, Hyung Jun equally success too? I cant wait to see :3

PS : I find this teaser rather …  intense too XD





I just recently watched finished this show thats sparks up my interest firstly due to the title and because of Huang Yi acting… After re-watching the serial of Huan Zhu GeGe 3… I dont really know why does the people has such a strong reaction with those new cast of actress and actors, but anyways, I love her acting . LOLS. I didnt really focus into the whole show, mainly into the story as of “Huang Yi” role story.

This whole story is damn hilarious.. Anyways entering the wrong sedan, however marrying the right groom, seems as though it wouldnt happen in real life, anyways, this drama is damn nice… however it takes me a long time to find this drama to watch…

Okays, Im seriously hoping Huang Yi can be like famous or something since I love her acting XD hahahs.

For more info of the drama story, read it @

Okays, I shall stop here XD ! hahahs (:


A step into the past



This show regardless of whether is it true or not, but normally dramas is just 3 facts, 7  fantasies right , isnt it? Well I was watching this show once again due to the fact that Raymond Lam is an actor in it. It may or may not be the fact which leads to books being burnt and humans being buried alive. Story might be fake, but the facts is definitely true. After the dynasty of Qin,  its the story as of Han and Chu . But well, Xiang Yu still died in the end. Im always wandering where does all these writers get those fantasy stories out?!

Im so wishing to be like them writing my own stories ;3 but I bet its kinda impossible since im so freaking lazy, hahahs!

But wells this story is kinda nice like there is a time telepathy or something, anyways its just so funny in this show (:! Im wandering which dramas should I watch next, lmao.

Okays, pardon me for reviewing on dramas and so instead of writing my own life XDDD!

Credits :

Ps : What I review is just own feelings (:


Child Of Empire



Child Of Empire made up of Im Siwan, Jung HeeChul, Kim DongJun, Moon JunYoung, Park HyungShik, Kim Kevin, Ha MinWoo, Hwang KwangHee, Kim TaeHun .

Okays their name are all so difficult to memorise but well this time im not fangirl-ing over them just cause they are that perfect to suju, dbsk and such big bands.. but anyways their company is facing a crisis and after seeing so many of their pre-debut perfs and ….
“Child of Empire has been promoting through wingcar performances and parodies to reach their goal of “gaining 100,000 fans” prior to their official debut at the end of November.” -as quoted from allkpop.

After seeing a number of their perf and with fangirls shouting that loudly.. I really do hope that they debut 😦 seriously.. they looks like taiwanese artists :X -no killing me please- im stating my own opinions only but ahh wells, i love all 9 of them up there or i wont even like the band already right?! hahhas

Oh speaking of which.. I just heard their debut song “NEW STAR” . I seriously find it so nice… maybe you will say its nice too.. hey dont shunn them away even before listening to their song 😦 every band deserves a chance to be judged accordingly :*( with no bias…

okays lets hear their trailer “new star”

isnt it nice ^^? or it only me, either or, I do wished them the best of luck to debut ! and of cause looking forward for their album 😦 -seeing on the fact that the company is poor and the strong competition- it might be hard for them but ah wells 😦 I will cheer on for them as they debut ^^~~!!!!

Child Of Empire having performance with their wingcar to raise money for their debut and having support by popping hyun joong (reminds me of popping dragon, dont mind) but yeah, after struggling for so long and upon hearing their debut is coming, Im real happy for them and myself XD haahhas. COE fighting! 😀

-Source taken from forum .