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A short yet long holiday~


The short holiday just went flying past in the blink of an eye…
I don’t exactly know just how time fly so fast, anyways I have watch 3 movies in just one month o_O”

Okay, to name a few would be sanctum, Justin bieber : never say never and of cause…. Scream 4, I would say that sanctum is really one movie that touch me deep in my heart yet it creep me out.. Justin bieber movie, it just motivates me more to chase my dream and well know more about justin, other than that, it is just another family oriented movie. Oh scream 4 is so.. stupid, I am plain scared of it but well nearly the end, I am actually liking it~ “Don’t fuck with the originals” yeah?

Okay, anyways I have finished conquered the 7 story pagoda with nishan, a pact that I made during last year prom…

Anyways, this holiday felt so surreal, I actually don’t want it to end …