Oh well, I cannot believe it has been a year since I updated my blog ^~^ , don`t blame me… I seldom catch on fandom neither do I watch new drama serials now so no new recommendation etc etc…

Back on track, I am rather disappointed myself with the given time spent in Crescent and yet I am getting rather atrocious results. This will never carry on and neither will I let history repeat itself.

It has been hard adjusting to MI culture etc, it`s no longer the same as the days I spent in Crescent. Well I don`t think Im kinda welcome in my new class… I miss S2B 09/10 😦 And the whole, I miss crescent…

The only thing that I am happy about is my CCA 🙂 At least, it brings me laughter and no awkward moment yet… I hope this carries on 😀

I don`t know what to write anymore… so bye bye~


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