16th birthday


okays, its been such a long time since i last update, to cut it short, im not gonna elaborate, since im lazy again as usual xD

Okays, so before my birthday strikes on the 4th February, 2010, my most favorite group of korean music industry, beast won the best newcomer award ^^” so happy for them alrights ~!

On the 4th, when i returned back to school, I was thrown with a surprise of my lovelies giving me a birthday presents, which I would consider my most memorable and valuable birthday ever in my life. Again , thanks guys for making my 16th birthday memorable..

okies, and da pictures of da cake and presents my classmate bought for me ^^

Isnt the cake lovelyyyyy?! HAHHAHS, i loveee it ❤ oh and the cake is sweet xD but should I say “too sugary” with a hidden agenda in it? Im having a sugar rush after that, LOLS. okays, i aint making sense right now..

Yes i receive my most expensive birthday present ever and thats the Baby G watch.. I swear I love it~ Its light and I dont know , the advantages of it is like so good, thanks again, friends, and er.. the bear? thats the present my school teacher gave xD Oh my dad gave a watch too for my birthday xD hahas, but wells, i love both watches alrights!

The lovely drawing of Hyunseunggie from beast that Jie`R drew for me, thanks 😀 i really love it. Oh and those notes inside.. Yes, I would buck up for my O-Level and beast is of cause the best xD hahas.

Yes, those lovelies friends names is on da notepad , i kinda find it a little bit “touched” by sarvena  that she actually celebrate my birthday ><” cause its like.. shes suppose to be scared of me? HAHAHS, okays. Im being random again xD

Oh, thanks again to whoever who wished me a birthday wish.. and hahas, i received quite a lot of other small gifts too xD but im too lazy to update about it , once again, thank you!

Yes, I ended with my own pic and own quote..

Im finally 16 but with a 13 years old mindset ~

“Friends are like money in the bank, longer you keep them, the more they are worth.” yes, the quotes is for all my friends here, especially nishan and afiqah xD hahahs.

Sometimes i even wonders how Niveetha and Nishan endures me for 3 years already xD oh I realizes something, the 2 N , if you understand what i meant.. and happy birthday Niveetha in advance !

I do hope Nishan quickly turns 16 t00!! or i cant watch any NC-16 movie .. but again, do we even have the time to watch?! argh, exams are hells S: lets hope a smooth riding 16 for me 😀


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