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Risky Shounen Love



I posted in on B2ST rising forum days ago? and im now posting it on my blog now 😀 so enjoy ~~”

Type : Boys Love , Shounen Ai (hints of love)
Featuring KiKwang (AJ) and SiYoon from High Kick 2 😀

At Aj House –

Outside choosing motorbike for their love date ride –

Si Yoon House –

Hospital –

At the park –

2 days later , at the perf –

CREDITS : All pictures are taken with print screen on B2STALERT account
PS : All the pictures above are not taken episodes from episodes but taken all over the place .. and those words are given by me not those actors/actress.. so no bashing of this .. Enjoy and comment (:


Hyung Jun in Black City


Just one very quick update before I head off to bed ^^!

Okay, dont the maknae of the group looks so man in this? Gosh, I somehow think of it as a movie… but I aint sure, updates seems to said thats its a drama? I dont know Im still waiting for more news of it ><“! but this video is getting me intense… Gah, this is bad, anyways after Hyung Joong successful acting in BOF xD , will baby maknae, Hyung Jun equally success too? I cant wait to see :3

PS : I find this teaser rather …  intense too XD


New Moon


Okays, its been more than a week or so ever since I watched this movie with Nishan (:

Im kinda sad since I missed Twilight the last season …. I dont know but I think that Singapore should at least broadcast Twilight again for one day at a lower price or something… So as to refreshed our memory isnt it?  Watching online is afterall of a lower quality which dont gives that “feeeeeeel’

Anyways, I love this movie XD Theres a few questions running through my head till now is … “When on Earth did Jacob joined the Werewolf pack ? ”  I cant think of any more questions … Okays I guess “Sex appeals” sells right…? Jacob took of his shirt .. did Edward took off? I cant remember -,-”

Oh yeah, Jacob and Bella relationship is damn awkward alrights?  Its like Jacob said “I promise never to leave you ” bla bla bla, and their kiss scenes…  they didnt even suceed at all.. LOLS!

Anyways, to me, New Moon is awesome, and of cause I will follow up with Eclipse , since… New Moon ending is a bit hanging … it left with “Bella, will you marry me” or something ? So yeah, I cant even wait for it to air right now -,-‘

I dont understand why New Moon gets a 2.5/5 rating according to what Nishan said that she saw on the “Today” Newspaper….

[[Dont continue reading if you support Singapore acting skills .. No flaming]]

Hey, no matter how bad the movie is, if it gets a full house with many people watching, it aint a bad movie already… isnt it? Does singapore movie starred by singaporeans even get famous worldwide ? I dont think so… Maybe only for one director “Jack Neo” LOLS! I love Jack Neo movie… But other than that… Singaporean acting skills still needa improve a lot moreeeee! Or maybe one suggestions “Stop filming your shows at orchard road and such places…” Go to China, Hong Kong, Korean… All these places to film your show, even if the actress/actor aint that good, at least theres new places to look at … rather than the same old place in all your show…


Okays, shall end my ranting here for now (;

Jacob : Get Out Of My Head!!!





I just recently watched finished this show thats sparks up my interest firstly due to the title and because of Huang Yi acting… After re-watching the serial of Huan Zhu GeGe 3… I dont really know why does the people has such a strong reaction with those new cast of actress and actors, but anyways, I love her acting . LOLS. I didnt really focus into the whole show, mainly into the story as of “Huang Yi” role story.

This whole story is damn hilarious.. Anyways entering the wrong sedan, however marrying the right groom, seems as though it wouldnt happen in real life, anyways, this drama is damn nice… however it takes me a long time to find this drama to watch…

Okays, Im seriously hoping Huang Yi can be like famous or something since I love her acting XD hahahs.

For more info of the drama story, read it @

Okays, I shall stop here XD ! hahahs (: