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A step into the past



This show regardless of whether is it true or not, but normally dramas is just 3 facts, 7  fantasies right , isnt it? Well I was watching this show once again due to the fact that Raymond Lam is an actor in it. It may or may not be the fact which leads to books being burnt and humans being buried alive. Story might be fake, but the facts is definitely true. After the dynasty of Qin,  its the story as of Han and Chu . But well, Xiang Yu still died in the end. Im always wandering where does all these writers get those fantasy stories out?!

Im so wishing to be like them writing my own stories ;3 but I bet its kinda impossible since im so freaking lazy, hahahs!

But wells this story is kinda nice like there is a time telepathy or something, anyways its just so funny in this show (:! Im wandering which dramas should I watch next, lmao.

Okays, pardon me for reviewing on dramas and so instead of writing my own life XDDD!

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Ps : What I review is just own feelings (:


Half cooked fish



Okays I guessed this video is pretty old already, I dont know why on Earth is Singapore newspaper broadcasting about this -,-. Its like making a molehill out of a mountain ?  Anyways , my dad was asking me about it so I went online and checked about this er .. so called “delicacy” actually this aint the first case already, isnt it? Monkey paws and sort of “delicacy” which I havent even heard before is considered nice to mainlands in china. Hahas.


After watching the video, judged it for yourself . The fish is half cooked, meaning its body is completely cooked and able to eat however the head is still alive and so due to irresistible pain, the fish is like fidgeting its head for help, but of cause, I doubt it will be able to stay alive for long. To me, this method of cooking is just cruel.


Child Of Empire



Child Of Empire made up of Im Siwan, Jung HeeChul, Kim DongJun, Moon JunYoung, Park HyungShik, Kim Kevin, Ha MinWoo, Hwang KwangHee, Kim TaeHun .

Okays their name are all so difficult to memorise but well this time im not fangirl-ing over them just cause they are that perfect to suju, dbsk and such big bands.. but anyways their company is facing a crisis and after seeing so many of their pre-debut perfs and ….
“Child of Empire has been promoting through wingcar performances and parodies to reach their goal of “gaining 100,000 fans” prior to their official debut at the end of November.” -as quoted from allkpop.

After seeing a number of their perf and with fangirls shouting that loudly.. I really do hope that they debut 😦 seriously.. they looks like taiwanese artists :X -no killing me please- im stating my own opinions only but ahh wells, i love all 9 of them up there or i wont even like the band already right?! hahhas

Oh speaking of which.. I just heard their debut song “NEW STAR” . I seriously find it so nice… maybe you will say its nice too.. hey dont shunn them away even before listening to their song 😦 every band deserves a chance to be judged accordingly :*( with no bias…

okays lets hear their trailer “new star”

isnt it nice ^^? or it only me, either or, I do wished them the best of luck to debut ! and of cause looking forward for their album 😦 -seeing on the fact that the company is poor and the strong competition- it might be hard for them but ah wells 😦 I will cheer on for them as they debut ^^~~!!!!

Child Of Empire having performance with their wingcar to raise money for their debut and having support by popping hyun joong (reminds me of popping dragon, dont mind) but yeah, after struggling for so long and upon hearing their debut is coming, Im real happy for them and myself XD haahhas. COE fighting! 😀

-Source taken from forum .