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BEAST – Bad Girl @ Inkigayo

MBLAQ – Oh, Yeah @ Inkigayo

mblaq live performance is definately better then their mvs to admit (;
good point is they dance superb @________@” well yea literally, but their song aint catchy enough to be able for me to keep replaying in my playlist somehow. they need to improve on their songs.

beast songs alike performance improved i gotta say , good point for beast is that the song are catchy and appealing enough. Despite the N times i played it my mp3 , im still not bored of it, and its like so much more better to sing “im heart sick, heal me, be crazy, cant let you go” as compared to MBLAQ “oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah” though i admit beast has “down down we gonna get down” but still beast is more pop and its easier for me to sing their song 😀

Anyways, good job to them both and of cause BEAST fightings 😀 i love them more after all 😀 oh and ya whats your opinions of them? hahas .

SS501 – Intro / Love Like This @ Music Core(Oct 24, 2009)

-fangirl modes- YES YES YES 😀 my babies are back on the stage ! freaking love them oh my god ! okay honestly speaking i love the song “love like this” and therefore im literally to buy their album ^^~~~ but im still checking their price, ever since the MINI COLLECTION of their solo collection == im almost going broke, since im a fan of them rather late 😦 its hard to catch up with all SS501 fans T___T” sighs, but oh wells, I love ya SS501 superstars forever! 😀 oh adding on.. this time round SS501 looks like vampire O_O” and it totally reminds me of Edward Cullen in Twilight, hahahs, hii hiii babies! bite me please, HAHAHS 😀 love ya guys ! 😀

PS : two of my favorite bands, BEAST AND SS501 is all performing at music core on the date of 24th oct , it totally makes my day ! 😀


Beast(B2ST) – AJ


I chanced upon this pretty dance of AJ in youtube, and now im sharing it with ya… hmmm well it seems that beast members is already rapping for aj – wipe the tears, glad that they are altogether as a team now 🙂

okay, and so im in love with aj as much as beast , just to share something about him, hahahs.

“Aj was even deemed to be the next Rain / Bi as quoted from

Im in love with beast(b2st) keep up boys 😀


Beast / B2ST





Beast now known as (Boys of EAst Standing Tall) is formally known as B2ST (Boys 2 Search the Top) Though this may seem like a dramatic change in English, in Korean, "2" is pronounced as "ee", so "B2ST" and "BEAST" are actually pronounced the same way.

Beast is the second boy band I like.. and its rather freaking pissing me off when i saw comments like beast wont replace 2pm? its like.. WTF.. Beast is beast, they are not 2PM. Can beast control what their company want them to dance? NO, i mean yeah, they cant say “i want my style” right ?
If beast actually get those 2pms fan to be angry and so.. oh well… your trying to imply that beast is already like 2PM. Just because you dont wanna your holy 2PM to be replaced by new boy bands. Think again, aint 2PM new before just like Beast?  Its really pissing me off.
Jrockers put eyeliners up too, if beast puts on eyeliners and your kicking such a big fuss over it, hey dude, they got their style too, and it might not be within their choice to put eyeliner up.
Their song is consider catchy for me, its not that i wanna defend beast, but its the truth. If you dont wanna ruin your holy image of 2PM, just listen to 2PM song, and stop wandering around listening to other bands and saying how bad they are. Hey , everyone is singing for entertainment purposes, so just shut up and listen and enjoy. If you cant, scoot off, simple as that right?
Sorry, im just too pissed off .. if i do offend any 2PM fans out there..  or any anti-beast ==v
anyways, here to share their MV – Bad Girl with sub 😀
Beast is the b2st
enjoy it, if you dont like it, dont bother going and make a mountain out of a molehill…
fighting beast! 😀 supporting you all the way ^^!

Coming Final Year


Pupils celebrate exam results

What is exam stress?
Stress is natural part of being human. It’s your body responding to changes in the world around you.

It changes how your body works and puts your mind into different moods.

When you’re getting a bit stressed about an exam – it just means that you really care about the result you will get.

That can be a good thing if it pushes you into working extra hard as you try to get a good score.

But it can be bad if you get too worried and the effects of the stress stop you doing well.

How to spot if you’re stressed
When exams get too much, the stress can show in your body.
You could be showing signs of stress if you’re:

feeling tired
ache all over
cry and feel sad
have panic attacks
have broken sleep
suffer from stomach upsets
have itchy skin rashes
more likely to get colds and flu

Stress busting tips
These are some top tips for dealing with stress:

1. Get plenty of sleep
Try to keep your sleep routine as regular as possible

2. Take a break
This is really important, you should give yourself plenty of short breaks as you revise, this keeps you fresher for longer, so you will learn more.

3. Time for yourself
Try to leave enough time in your revision for some fun. You will need to put your books down and do something you enjoy for a while if you want to stay in a good mood.

4. Be realistic
Don’t try to do too much work each day. If you overdo it you won’t take in the facts you’re revising.

5. Eat properly
Make sure your diet includes plenty of fruit and veg. Drink juice or water, avoid too much tea or coffee.

6. Get some exercise
It’s a fantastic stress buster. Go running, skateboarding, play a sport, or just take a walk around the block. You will feel more relaxed. If you’re not sleeping very well exercise can make a real difference.

7. Be positive
Don’t beat yourself up about things, instead be nice to yourself. Make a quick list of five things you’ve done that you are proud of. This will put you in a good mood and you will learn more.

8. Chill out
If you are starting to lose it, and feel that the studying is getting on top of you – take a bit of time to:

  • Breathe deeply.
  • Tell yourself how well you are doing.
  • Remind yourself that everything is going to turn out alright.
  • Stand up straight and smile, you will feel a bit better straight away.

Source Taken :

Okays, I just have to admit im not helping myself ;(!
being negative and so … argh.
Final year exams is less than a week, not that im panicking or so.
I has got enough practices… not that im bragging, its just simply that I has got E math, Chinese that i has full confident in,
for A math and Sciences, Im a little bit shaky, but I believe if I do more practices, it should be all right 🙂
Sciences.. I need at least 51 mark to pass the paper.. unless i screwed it up, i should be safe, im more worried for my humanities and english.
Screw it, sighs. if I couldnt pass english, Im only left with 4 subs to save my life. However if I pass, it will be a joyous occassion, my pro is in paper 1, so im gonna try bucking up on that.

However, my english is kinda 40marks range. How on Earth am I able to hit 57/100?!?!? or better make it 60/100. In case my CA2 is badly scored.
Well now I really dont wanna dwell upon it, but bleah, I lost the confidence :X
kinda ~~”

Alrights! Gambatte to all doing exams the following week :)))