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Happy 16th Birthday Wanteng !



Belinda and Wanteng trying to poke those fishballs into the satay stick, not knowing that those fishballs are still that hard probably but afterall they completed poking so yeah ^^x


These two girls are like climbing up the stairs with those holes and slowly climbing up and I thought they were gonna go suicide =/ touchwood, but yeah, these two girls were really scaring me out .. Moreover its the 7th month now ~


Lols, probably nature pose is the best pose afterall? I have no idea, but managed to capture a nice shot for the Birthday girl ^^~ Happy 16th Birthday Wanteng 😀 hope you like my present for you though its not branded stuffs.. neither is it like diamonds of any carets.. but still its the heart that counts right? hahs. 😀

wanteng bdae

Okays, this shot was stolen from Annabella`s facebook, dont mind but yeah, this is the nicest I could ever found –‘ My phone can never capture a picture thats like late at night with limited light source…


Okays and there goes Belinda trying to light up the candles on the Birthday Cake , hahs, thanks to myra, jasmine and annabella for buying the cakes and decorating it, okays we sang the birthday song to WanTeng in the Crescent Way.. Hopfully no neighbours complained? hahahs.  since its so late at night already xD Honestly speaking, primary school birthday and secondary birthday is really different.. I dont know since I never had a party before -,-‘ I just celebrates people`s party, hahs.


After the whole party, I walked to the bus-stop with belinda talking and stuffs, hahs, and myra told me not to look at the back so on and so forth, Im like “okay okay” lols, okays so when the bus came, I just aboard it and listened to my MP3 and slept a bit? since the bus journey is kinda having many stops which makes it super unpleasant to sleep soundly inside -,-‘ Okays so after I reached home, I went to on my tablet and watch my Smiling Inheritance, okays Im kinda finished watching it since the continued version is not update yet , theres no way I could watch it too hahas.

Last but not least..


Stay Happy Always Alrights! 😀

A little out of topic thereafter..

Mmmm.. I kinda wandered what lies ahead of me…  results, scoldings and naggings.. so on and so forth.. I feel like screaming now.. my brother totally nevered studied not even a single bit, never even flipped through the book a 1/4 time yet he easily scored A1s for almost all subjects except for one, this aint fair.. I study like hell, yet I couldnt even get a pass.. though its like 2 marks away or kinda marks.. but once I convert to 100.. im like 5-10 marks away to pass.. im kinda breaking down .. feeling like screaming out yet I couldnt — sighs .

I was falling,
descending into an abyss,

blackness engulfing me


Where Got Ghosts?


where got ghost

Okays, I went with my brother to watch this movie last night, seemingly speaking, I dont find it ‘real’ at all.. maybe the forest part only, I do agree with the part that says “dont ever take shortcut, because for every shortcut you take, theres a price pay”

Okays heres the brief summary ;

Roadside Got Ghost
Swindlers Cai, Fu and Shou have a new scam – using a hotline to make random calls to people, promising them fortune. Those who win the lottery are required to pay commission to Cai or be scared into submission.
One day, Cai receives a phone call. The caller gives Cai deploying the same hotline trick. Believing it is a copycat of his scam, Cai naturally disregards the call, but goes ahead and tries his luck with the given number anyway. To his surprise, he wins. Mysterious happenings assume. And this cai doesnt believes in getting killed by a car, so he just uses his life and place a bet, indeed his dead but to my opinion , this kinda thing dont really happen in broad daylight , isnt it? =/

Forest Got Ghost
Nan and Lei return for army reservists’ training. They learn that the place they will be send is the widely known ‘haunted hill’, so they take the shortcut. Suddenly, the ‘haunted hill’ seems to come alive – tombstones, red dress spirit and other strange sightings.  Nan and Lei went forward to purchase water from this yin yin girl afterwhich they asked for the shortest cut to the end point, but to their dismay, it started to rain heavily so they went seek refuge at Yin Yin’s house, a girl they just met. Little do they know their road to hell has been cut short.

House Got Ghost
It is the Lunar 7th Month, weird sightings happen at home, children can only think it is the late mother’s doings. The truth slowly surface as they begin their road trip only this time it seems to be more than what they bargain for. Okays this story is the continued version of Money Not Enough.. I will strongly recommend you people to watch Money Not Enough too , cause that show is so much more nicer than this.

Watch it if you want ^_^”~~ though i will not fully rate it 5 stars =/ maybe 4 stars? the ghost aint really “real” and scary …

Credits :









–> I like the dancestep aaaa, hahas

Aint the music amazing?  Well. This story is totally different from Hana Yori Dango, so seriously, you people should give it a go and watch it . Wells, normally F4 are supposed to be together isnt it? For this Chinese one, the boys Duan Mulei 端木磊, Ye Shuo 叶朔, Shangguan Ruiqian 上官瑞谦 is initially together wanting to quit school so they resorts to all ways to get out of the school but still failed, halfway round, Murong Yunhai 慕容云海 came in and well “offended” Shangguan Ruiqian 上官瑞谦, so they ended up in a basketball competition first? then car racing, until finally Murong Yunhai 慕容云海 is part of the team 😀 hahas.

I would personally recommend you people to watch it , though the actors aint really handsome as korean one, however, I would say Chinese Actors are ranked 2nd, and korean one 1st to me? well its how the story flows thats important, Korean one is kinda choppy to me too, since its like so fast and “Gu Jun Pyo” has gotten “Jandi” love, but for this , i have been chasing till episode 8 =/ and so far, Murong Yunhai 慕容云海 has not even gotten Chu YuXun 楚雨荨`s love, but well, I could clearly see that his crushing her xD . well well, in any case, all 4 boys would be in love I guess, they have their own love story 😀 so go and watch it 😀

*PS, I really do loathe Shangguan Ruiqian 上官瑞谦 , okays, not saying about him acting or so, but the way he treat girls :((( no way am I gonna get such a boyfriend ever, arrogant and bosssy. Geeeeeehxz… and seriously, I wanders whats wrong with me :O , okays, I like Korean Version “Yoon Ji Hoo” , Japan Version “Rui” (I dont know his full name) , and now for this Chinese Version , I like “Duan Mulei 端木磊Weird right no? hahahs, its always the 2nd character that I like much, though I like “Gu Jun Pyo” in Korean version though =/ hahas.

The whole episode of this show is 38, it will be broadcast everyday except friday 🙂 so wells, if your interested to watch, go to and view them , hahahs.

Anyways , back to topic, exams seems to be a brisk, its gonna be over soon again, Chemistry and E-math left but wells, I kinda screwed Social studies up since I didnt have time to complete it, hmmmm.. A math == dont mention it :((( its totally craps. Anyways, after the last laps of exams tomorrow 😦 theres still gonna be lesson =,= How saddening can that be , pfffft .

With credits to for the awesome videos 😀


Dont you agree shes way prettier than me?


Hey People! Agreee with me that this girl is so freaking pretty?

-Edited Post-

okay, I shall let the voters do the decision :)))

[Poll removed, the answer is kinda obvious so well] (told to take down by Nishan too, ask me in msn if you wanna know )
Okay , read the pictures and be your own judge, im not going to elaborate .



Okay, above is the comment she gave me, seriously, dont you think shes going a bit overboard?

Okays, the following is my replies to her.

I dont live in your Era, if your getting people to find me then so be it, I will simply call the police if things get worst.

Yes, im not pretty, I know, but have you reflect on yourself?

If  im a bitch, than what are you?

Its not me who get in your way O_O? seemingly it seems like its you who get on my nerves.

Okays, following is just random chats I had with my friends





Ah yes, Jaymann, thanks I loveeee you too 😀 hahahs. Yeah, agrees :))) I wont let her get to me, I suppose 😀

Ah wells, I was just feeling pissed so I went twitting, and there goes this reply mmmmmm.. what does it shows?


Okays, seriously this is enough, Im so god damn pissed right now. Anyways, today`s exams was alright. However, my mind is just shut off during the last 10 minutes of my Chinese Paper so i practically dont know what Im writing, ah wells, I dont wanna dwell anymore on today paper, let us gambatte for tomorrow paper! Physic and Social Studies mmmm.. Source Base Question for SS , so there aint really much things to study for SS, so there goes physic!  okays, im gonna go practise already 😀



Seriously, im still not prepared for this common test.


Exam Dates

As usual another un-productive day, why do I say so? I simply couldnt concentrate focusing to revise, yes, at a certain extent I did study, however, its not that futile in either ways, my trigo is not really brushed up yet, same goes to my mods, im more confident in partial fraction.

Mmmmm… E-math, im alright with it 😀 just the proving of similarity and congruency, -sweats- someone prescribed me some pills? I dont wanna make my paper full of careless mistakes. sighs.

Ops.. chem again, as usual , Acid Base Salts (I hate you) , okays though seemingly i managed to get a hand on it, but still sometimes I make stupid mistakes, to me, its like Salt Nitrate + Sodium Acid = Sodium Nitrate + Salt Acid , which only applies to Insoluble + Soluble acid, but i use it for all basically, how pathetic can I be =/? Im still a little confused in using Acid + Alkaline equations, sighs, prayfully, the school give us some easy questions man.. but probably it will only happen in my dream, if its easy, it wouldnt be a test probably, just some revision, sighs. Oh Oh Mole concepts 😀 , i guess I just needa “memorise” the methods, and Im done with it, since i have practiced quite a lot already, and im confident for it, Redox reactions, Oxidation = Gain in Oxygen , Loss in hydrogen and electrons, Reduction = vise versa. Okays, i guess its to identity lossing of Hydrogens and Gaining of oxygens , but definately not with the electrons part, someone save me, please?

Physic, Pressure (Needa memorise definations and practice questions on it) which obviously I havent done so, sighs, Light, i have done sufficient practices , but well I wouldnt rejoice too early since physic questions is kinda unpredictable, Kinetic Model Of Matter is basically on Air , Gas and Solids so hmmm.. memorising to do also, Work Energy and Power, another chapter which requires upteem practices, sighs. Oh well, I will try my best :O!

Geography , Element of Weather –> Temperature (Latitude,Altitude, Distance from the sea, Cloud Cover) , Relative Humidity, Precipitation (NOT RAINFALL) , Types of climates –> Tropical Climate (Temp over 20deg throughout the year) , Equatorial Climate (Range of temp 2deg to 3deg, Rain over 60mm per month *Wet*), Tropical Monsoon Climate (Summers are very wet over 300m per month, Winters are dry with no rain at all), Temperate Climate (Temperate at least 0deg once a mth with rainfall present throughout the year), Floods –> Natural Causes EG, shortage of rainfall , Global Atmospheric Pressure, Human Causes EG, Reduced Forest Cover, Enhanced Greenhouse Effects, Excessive use of wells and irrigation , reduces the impact with building control, Watershed management …. Droughts –> You cant prevent droughts from happening however you can reduces the impact… mmm.. New lorms to use.. Oh wells.. tons of memorising tonight oh, okays…

Social Studies , Mr Poon mentioned that its gonna be SBQ, so basically, there aint much to study, maybe im just gonna read up a bit, its chapt 5 right???

History , Ahhhh , Lenin and those Roman stuffs, to hell it goes, I dont really understand it yet v,v” amen save me, though I understand how communism work and the 5 year plans. But its not enough yet right no?

English and Chinese –> Leave my fate to jesus, but I do hoped I can pass my english at least, sighs 😦

Be consistent in your homework and
you will find examinations a breeze


Happy Birthday Singapore :D


Happy Birthday Singapore !

Okaysss, here I am rotting at home as usual 🙂
Happy birthday eugene, krissy and others who have their birthday today :O
Aiyeeee… Im finally done with this wordpress edits ==
like finally

Oh wells, lots of revisions to do ==v
and im not really prepared for it :O!
sighs ~~”
A  – Math? I hold not even 1% of confidence in it …
Mods – Im not clear
Trigo – Lots of memorizing to do, feel like cussing
Partial Fraction – Soso, just practises to do
Remainder / Factor Theorem – Mmmm.. practices though =/

E-math? So so …
Trigo – yipeee.. its gonna be like eating desert that simple i guess..
Similarity – gosh… i faint first ..
Percentage/Hire purchase whatever – tons of practices required

Chem / Physic? – just tons and tons of practices

Humanity? no comments..

Language? Try my utmost, lols